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Training Opportunities

LCC offers evidence-based and nationally certified mental health awareness trainings at low to no-cost options.

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Our Mission

Mobilizing the community to promote healthy, positive and substance-free lifestyles.

A Little More About Us…

 Dedicated to the improvement of our community and to providing healthy opportunities for our youth, Coalition members work hard on a number of initiatives that reduce and prevent underage drinking, tobacco use, and other drug use. The Coalition also provides Mental Health training opportunities for adults and youth in our community and works to build protective factors through Developmental Assets® and youth leadership opportunities.

How to Help…

The general coalition meets every third Tuesday of the month. Meetings rotate between Lead and Spearfish every other month.  All meetings are open to the public and are a great way to learn more about the Coalition and how you can play a part.

Mental Health

Lawrence County Coalition offers Mental Health Awareness Trainings that exist to educate, equip, and foster empathy surrounding the premise that there is always help, and hope.

Lcc offers evidence based and nationally certified mental health awareness  trainings at low to not cost options

Mobilizing the Community for Positive Change

The Youth Empowerment Teams consist of students in grades 6-12. Through the LCC YET, the Coalition can give voice to local youth, teach leadership skills, and overall educate, inspire, and mentor youth in a positive manner.


Free Resource to Quit Tobacco

LCC Vision:

“Empowering Lawrence County communities to build resilience and prevent youth substance abuse through education, action, and policy change.”

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